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wifi in the lobby (or, no one but me is wifiing around here.)

Thanks for NTT docomo mzone so comfortable here. it only costs 350 yen or usd 3 or so a month if you have subscription with docomo mobile. extremely cheap compared to US counterparts – what is it ? T-zone 30

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A Happy New Year 2008

Wishing all of you a very nice new Year 2008 ahead, at Nikko Hotel Odaiba Tokyo.

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Chu or チュー mimics Chukan kanri shoku

All the middle management (Chukan Kanri Shoku or 中間管理職 in Japanese) of corporations in Japan are now invited in the new year by Yomiuri Land theme park to inaugurate the year of RAT, whose sound is mimic by “Chu” or

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Open is the new proprietary

In the “Open is the new proprietary” world, the winners like Google try to be open and the losers like docomo try to be proprietary in the same exact deal.  The important lessen to be learned here is that it’s

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ai or 藍 by Sukima Switch

Sukima Switch is going to sing at the Kohaku Uta Gassen music show on NHK (Nippon Broadcasting corporation) on Dec 31. Not this song, but I like this one. 作詩:スキマスイッチ 作曲:スキマスイッチ 「愛」どこで誰が創造したもんなんでしょうか 難解なんだね 感情ってどこへ向かうべきもんなんでしょうか そっと教えてよ 飛ぶ鳥は大空を迷うことなく飛べるのに いったい僕らはどこへ向かうんだろう 恋愛の成功率はね 散々でね いつだって成就しないまま とはいえ好きになっちゃうんじゃ もう嫌になるよ どうかいなくなれ こんなんなら存在自体よ消えちまえ そう思ってどのくらい経つだろう 来週はいつ会えるんだろう

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Notice from Mixi (or, “How do we know we know each other?”)

      Mixi says that my invitation function is currently disabled, notifying that they ban the act of inviting, in public, someone I don’t “know” such as in the bulletin board. In my previous post (a blog, that is),

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A blog is a home

to be sure, blog is personal as advocated by many such as dave winer. so i used to think Blog=Person. The notion of “home” and “away” applies here. On the other hand, the emerging messaging tools such as Twitter and

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Direct Marketing Specialist 急募

I am looking for a direct marketing specialist, who can work with me in the direct marketing apparel environment. The following is the job description. SPSS/MS-ACCESS/Excel perform research and analysis per product x customer segment on the huge database in

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Find folks via gmail being disabled, tentatively or what?

I have found “find folks via gmail” feature in twitter, linkedin, facebook, and plaxo quite powerful and, as Fred Wilson described, inherent in social networking.  To me, the situation is, in a way, the gmail database being utilized (exploited?)by other platforms especially facebook,

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sukima (or 隙間 or すきま or interjoist) switch

As I twitted the other day, my daughter inspired me with Japanese pops duo, Sukima Switch (wikipedia in English and more in depth in Japanese). While they are so original, according to its JP wikipedia, the duo care particularly about

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