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my fav from wbls

i first met with this song via wbls 107.5 back 1980’s and still love this piece.

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A new year 2010 from Daiba (台場) Nikko Hotel

A new year 2010 from Daiba (台場) Nikko Hotel Originally uploaded by kenjimori あけまして、おめでとう、ごうざいます。 A Happy New Year.

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hacking the education

this piece called “la campanella” I found in youtube is the one my music teacher at junior high desparately wanted to share with the class using vcr in my days. Just wonder how the music teachers around the world now

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Reimagine offline promotion

24/11/2008, originally uploaded by kenjimori. Every time i got this kind of promotion voucher, i dispose it. Why? Because it will make my wallet or pass case thicker, which I hate. So this time I took the picture of it,

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white, its been crazy, a long time we havent come here right

white its been a long time we havent come here right, originally uploaded by kenjimori. its been so busy these days, sorry white.

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A Happy New Year 2008

Wishing all of you a very nice new Year 2008 ahead, at Nikko Hotel Odaiba Tokyo.

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Leather case for iPOD nano: Tsuchiya-Kaban

This ad is so unlike the traditional advertising, so human. I like it the creative very much (in Japanese, but you should guess what it is by visual only). Tsuchiya-Kaban.

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face recognition

Thanks Vista for pointing me at this interesting stuff.

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新年 Pig (Zodiac 亥) nenga2007 謹賀 年賀 new year

nenga2007 謹賀 年賀 新年 , originally uploaded by morikenstyle. ことしもよろしく。 This is the photo of nengajo (New Year Card) self-addressed by my daughter. The year 2007 is Pig (Zodiac 亥, wikipedia, Google Image). technorati tags: 亥, nenga, 2007, ahappynewyear, new+year, ことしもよろしく

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Ijime, Suicide, Parent

I would like to urge all the parents (me, to begin with) to be the one whom their child feel free to talk about everything before they make the final decision. For, those kids committing suicide obviously should have and

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