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meishi ver2

    so this is my new business card. should be effective at offline gatherings such as FON night. sorry for being such meta,,

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GMAP Test 2

gmap test

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GMAP testing Kaminoge Jiro (上野毛ニ郎)

Oh, I miss Jiro Ramen so much! Sorry, guys. please ignore this post. I’m testing google map plugin for wordpress. If you’re are interested, see this. It’s really cool.

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cathedral of learning

Reflections: Cathedral of Learning, originally uploaded by Daniel Weeks.  

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It is out of your expertise

I don’t see any point some industrial management professor providing the analysis, no matter how excellent it is, on why Zico Japan failed at the FIFA world cup. Especially when it is all over. Please focus on what you need

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Isn’t this KAWAII or かわいい ?

Seth Godin’s New book “Small is the new Big” (via Seth Godin, obviously). かわいいでしょ? note: “kawaii” in Japanese means adorable // cunning // dear // dinky // ducky // ickle // lovable // peachy〈話〉 // precious // sweetie-pie according to

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Father’s Day (or I am just an Oyabaka)

On Father’s Day, my daughter gave me the present saying.. really nice one maybe I am just an Oyabaka.

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Meishi (Business Card)

Did you know the most effective format of the direct mail is hand-writting? note: Meishi (wiki ) is a Japanese name for business card.

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Finally ThankYou!

image002, originally uploaded by okusour. Yesterday, I finally made had the lunch at ThankYou (more formally in Japanese Kanji “山久”) in Jiyugaoka. There are only 12 seats available in ThankYou restaurant and they don’t accept the reservation except for denner

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here is seth godin again,..

oh i love this post by seth godin again.

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