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Twitter banner ads in JP UI in IE only

Now Twitter comes with the banner ads in the upper right corner when you use IE from Japan IP address (presumably). This is a great experiment for twitter how the banner ads work. However, I personally don’t like it makes

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I like what Gmail says

Search, don’t sort. Use Google search to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received. Don’t throw anything away. Your account includes plenty of storage, so you’ll never need to delete another message. Keep

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The victim of old tv channel

 B&W Television, originally uploaded by forester401.   *The photo I picked up via seach in flickr with keywords “old tv.” I grew up in Kumamoto city, the southern part of Japan in my childhood, where they had only two tv

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Using LISMO with Flickr

Yesterday, I was trying to upload AU mobile phone pictured photos to flickr using AU’s LISMO software. It went something like this: 1) Download LISMO to my computer (WIN PC, in my case), obviously. 2) Sync photo files in my

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The cost of a click

I am not talking about Cost Per Click (CPC) to an advertiser. I am talking about the cost or the efforts associated with moving the mouse so that the mouse pointer rests on the link in a given web page.  Below is

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Have you noticed has the new feature hotlist upfront, which focuses more on new last 1 hour tagged items. Interesting to see the difference on one hand services like technorati focuses on top 100 or my favorites EVER, on

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What gyao doesn’t get is one of Japan fastest growing free of charge video streaming services, with a registered membership of 9.6 million+. Despite its self-proclaimed success, it, too, has the typical “directory” type user interface, akin to Yahoo’s. Might be comfortable to

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docomo i-mode user interface

By far the most terrible user interface I’ve experienced in my entire life. Cost me about 20 steps only to change the mobile package plan online (what they call “i-mode”). This terrible UI has been around for years; still docomo

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