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米 オンライン人口の6.6%にPodcastが 普及

Micro Persuasion のSteve Rubelのブログ(英語)より、また、ビデオは4.0%とのこと According to Steve Rubel, US podcast penetrated to about 6.6% of its online population. (for video, it is 4.0%)  

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Gillmor gang seems to have changed

Seems now it is with a podshow player and a community feature with a facebook showing who are listenning online.  All I need is the download of MP3, nothing else.

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listenning to gillmor podcast on the way to/from the office

I enjoy gillmore podshow and gillmore gang on my way to / from the office. I’d appreciate it quite informative and intimate, a bit different experiences from reading blogs. It provides yet another context for someone like me living in

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