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listening to calacaniscast on my way to office

I find it quite informative, especially VC world is quite foreign to me. Jason Calacanis interviews Ron Conway, who is the angel invester of google among others. Interestingly, Ron notes the current situation is not bubble because 90% 75% of

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I looked up Marvin Gaye in

Here is the result. Pretty nice!, it has the links to YouTube and Flickr as well as Wikipedia. No entry yet for ? It’s human dependent. Not sure if the entry be made by July 1, Luther’s anniversary.

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Jason Calacanis resignation reported by NY Times

Ironically the report was made by NY Times, not by Jason himself via his blogging. Netscape Hope Jason will continue whatever he was trying to achieve at AOL/Netscape, if not in the same format.

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The VC Tim Draper and the entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, along with the blog post by Dan Farber at ZD net (one thing, why G,Y,M is ordered in that order?): The link to (upon cliick on the link, video streaming

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What does it make any difference when Seth Godin tried to incentivise lensmasters with referral program?

B.L.Ochman nicely summarizes the debate between Jason Calacanis and Mike Arrington over crowdsourcing. By the way, where do you think that $1,000 money come from? – business model, I mean. I understand this is one way of paying the producers,

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Blogging humanizes product and services

Robert Scoble once humanized Microsoft. Jason Calacanis now humanizes AOL / NetScape. Then, Dell one2one is now trying to humanize Dell, which for once had commoditized and, thereby, de-humanized the entired PC market. I think it is a really big

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is the new way of launching?

Netscape by Jason Calacanis, the media coverage increases as it approaches to the launch time. update: I haven’t used DIGG at least consciously in the past and so I have no idea if they are copying DIGG.  But it seems like

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