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John Battelle Keynote at DMA06 in San Fran

Digitizing customer, the third phase of digitizing everyhing continuum (Back office => Front office =>Digitize customer), is now what google and other search engine are driving us to. Digitizing customer might be happening here, too: He laid out five mega

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The long tail of community

The last year I was diagnosed as Gerd, the name of the disease of course I had never heard of before in my life. It happened to me that disease not a serious one at least at that time and

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The long tail for the quiet storm listenners (or time zone segmentation)

I like Quiet Storm (QS) at WBLS very much. It is played 7:00pm NY, that means 8 am in Tokyo, but I am not really in the QS mood in the morning. When I am in the QS mode at

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Blog repertoire

How many shampoo brands can you name spontaneously? The average is about five for shampoo category. Within the context of merchandising, that figure is quite dependent on product category structure and distribution rate (the number of brands) in the shelf

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