What does it make any difference when Seth Godin tried to incentivise lensmasters with referral program?

B.L.Ochman nicely summarizes the debate between Jason Calacanis and Mike Arrington over crowdsourcing.

By the way, where do you think that $1,000 money come from? – business model, I mean. I understand this is one way of paying the producers, but what then was the problem when Seth Godin of Squidoo tried to incentivise the lensmasters with the referral program?  I remember both Jason and Mike responded negatively to the annoucement.  Probably there is a difference between paying for the good bookmarking work and paying for the refferal.  I don’t know.


for the long haul

Though I don’t understand English at a deep cultural level, to me it is learningful when Mike Arrington of Tech Crunch sensed it during the podshow at Gillmor Gang that Amanda might be leaving Rocketboom. According to Mike, whenever someone says about something that ends with “in for the long haul,” she or he might be leaving. After all he was right. That podshow is worth listening if you are interested in the future of advertising/media, to which I don’t make a link as Steve Gillmor might not like it. (please google : gillmor gang amanda ).