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Seth Godin Skypecast

According to skype blog, Seth Godin will be hosting skypecast about his new book : Small is the New Big Time: 3:00pm, August22,SFO 6:00pm, August22, NY 10:00pm, August 22, GMT 7:00am, Auguest23,Tokyo Find out time for other locations.

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What does it make any difference when Seth Godin tried to incentivise lensmasters with referral program?

B.L.Ochman nicely summarizes the debate between Jason Calacanis and Mike Arrington over crowdsourcing. By the way, where do you think that $1,000 money come from? – business model, I mean. I understand this is one way of paying the producers,

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Isn’t this KAWAII or かわいい ?

Seth Godin’s New book “Small is the new Big” (via Seth Godin, obviously). かわいいでしょ? note: “kawaii” in Japanese means adorable // cunning // dear // dinky // ducky // ickle // lovable // peachy〈話〉 // precious // sweetie-pie according to

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