Mylo and FON

As Martin once demanded, sonystyle Japan now offers Mylo bundled with FON router for JPY 39,800 (USD 339 @JPY 117/USD). via FON community inside MIXI (in Japanese, requires invitation.). Someone speculates SONET, the ISP of the Sony group, might change the policy regarding FON usage, which is not allowed now.

UPdate: Here is Mylo blog in Japanese.
The next weekend Mar 24 and 25, fon, mylo, and skype will have a joint collaboration called happy-wireless in Harajuku.

おつかれさまでした (Congratulations)

fon night


おつかれさまでした。(English: Congratulations! Though I was not really listening to the presentation since the place was so crowded, I suppose what he talked about was more or less the same with the press release made during the day time on the same 12/4.)

Here is from netafull, YouTube.

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Update: “FON” is ranked second as the popular keywords now (as of 11:16, 2006/12/05)
It moved up to the top as of 10:00am, 12/06, Japan time.


Also the Blog TV video featuring Chigahara san of FON Japan, (in Japanese) aired the last Friday on Tokyo MX TV. (via blog tv official site)

MONTHS LATER: PODCAST cliraji featuring Chigahara san and Mashima san.

UPDATE: Fon community at mixi ミクシィのFONのコミュニティです  now reached 567 over the ten days, almost 4x of what it had prior to the launching campaign. キャンペーン開始前の約4倍、2006年年末時点でメンバーが750名を超えました。

Graph evolution of community at Mixi for FON, Mylo, and X01HT, updated 2007/01/21

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See the spike right after the La Fonera free sampling campaign Dec 5-Dec 9

mylo community at mixi

I got quite interested in MYLO, the new mobile device just released from SONY US (via techcrunch and 日本語 techcrunch Japan in Japanese).

I am particularly excited to see the situation that the hardware device like MYLO lets a user to choose one of Google talk, Yahoo messenger, and Skype as a messeging tool in the menu. Ironically, the situation has been totally the opposite where a bunch of manufacturers like Sony are to be selected in the internet shopping or auctioning environment and the price competition usually squeezes profit margins of manufactueres and retailers.

Checked if there is mylo community already established at mixi. There was already one dated Auguest 8, the day after the tech crunch reported. Now there are 18 members and I am the 19th. I think I am gonna try to get one when I will visit US (SFO) this Fall.

Update: Someone at mixi community provided the accompanying video from youtube.

Update2: Martin Varsavsky of Fon thinks Fon fits with MYLO well. I totally agree.

Update3: I’ve found skype blogs about mylo, too (in English and in Japanese 日本語のブログ).

Update 4: I like Giga OM review on mylo includes the spontaneous purchase intent survey in its post. It also notes that mylo targets MySpace set, then subsequently reminded me if the US congress will prohibit Sony from selling mylo to the minors. (I hope this will turn out to be a total joke!).

Update5: Engadet and its Japanese companion 日本語版

Oh, Joi Ito already got one