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ai or 藍 by Sukima Switch

Sukima Switch is going to sing at the Kohaku Uta Gassen music show on NHK (Nippon Broadcasting corporation) on Dec 31. Not this song, but I like this one. 作詩:スキマスイッチ 作曲:スキマスイッチ 「愛」どこで誰が創造したもんなんでしょうか 難解なんだね 感情ってどこへ向かうべきもんなんでしょうか そっと教えてよ 飛ぶ鳥は大空を迷うことなく飛べるのに いったい僕らはどこへ向かうんだろう 恋愛の成功率はね 散々でね いつだって成就しないまま とはいえ好きになっちゃうんじゃ もう嫌になるよ どうかいなくなれ こんなんなら存在自体よ消えちまえ そう思ってどのくらい経つだろう 来週はいつ会えるんだろう

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Revenue-sharing model of online video

Here is the list I think I’d need to digest (turned out to be kinda bookmarks, obviously). But I haven’t, so I can’t make any comment yet: Video Sharing Sites Offer Different Monetization Schemes……but “Don’t Give Up the Day Job”

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米大統領選挙出馬表明したエドワーズ(Edwards)候補が、YouTubeでCampaignを展開している模倣。また、同じくBloggerのRobert Scobleも同行するとか?Source: Buzzmachine

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Do we really need the Internet in the living room?

Do we really need the Internet in the living room during the happy family time? Happy family time seeks common factors among family members and requires the program that every family member agrees to watch such as Super Bowl, News,

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The victim of old tv channel

 B&W Television, originally uploaded by forester401.   *The photo I picked up via seach in flickr with keywords “old tv.” I grew up in Kumamoto city, the southern part of Japan in my childhood, where they had only two tv

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