The victim of old tv channel

 B&W Television, originally uploaded by forester401.


*The photo I picked up via seach in flickr with keywords “old tv.”

I grew up in Kumamoto city, the southern part of Japan in my childhood, where they had only two tv channels (channel 11 for RKK, channel 6 for TKU) except for two NHK channels (which make four channels in total). Even folks in Tokyo had only four or five tv channels back then and, still even today, we have only channels 4,6,8,10, and 12 national tv networks here in Tokyo.


Over time, our minds (mine for one, obviously) have been tamed and we tend to think the tv channels must be about the selection from a few.  Even more so for my parents’ generation.  But the notion would sound totally irrelevant to the generations of my daughter who have never used the old tv set but instead are getting accustomed to keyboard and touch panel.

I think it is the matter of timing until the younger generations will start wondering why there are only 12 buttons available in todays’ tv controller.


The tv section of print newspaper is already full and to me it seems they are ready to boast. 

tv section