Steve Rubel of micropersuasion

Steve Rubel of micropersuasion admits that he has lost his edge in his popular blog miropersuasion since he joined a big firm. Interesting to note is that his blog micropersuasion itself is supposed to be more of his personal possession that is why he took its brand (name and URL) with him when he left the previous company. However, I suspect the blogging has become so embedded into his professional life that now he acknowledges the influence by his employer, who is even more bigger and prestigious than his previous. It suggests that when you blog revealing your profession in public and blog related to your profession, you are more or less on behalf of your employer. It is quite understanable; and I’d sympathize with him.

Probably we will be seeing more and more blurring boundaries between corporate and individuals, if blogging were to be a part of economic activities.

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