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the reading (& watching & listening) list for music industry

In “How Napster changed the world,” Don Dodge notes “Pioneers are usually unsuccessful“. I think there is some truth in considering iTUNES and iPOD rather followers than pioneers. Reference: Apple’s strategy a familiar tune. Matthew Yi, SF chronicle, August 16,

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Revenue-sharing model of online video

Here is the list I think I’d need to digest (turned out to be kinda bookmarks, obviously). But I haven’t, so I can’t make any comment yet: Video Sharing Sites Offer Different Monetization Schemes……but “Don’t Give Up the Day Job”

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Steve Jobs の初Blog

米アップルのホームページにSteve Jobs名入りでしゅつげん:「DRMに意味なし」と(No meaning in DRM)。 via Buzzmachine. Update: Dave Winer はPR手法としてさらにつっこんだ見方 Mark Cubanは音楽業界の今後の方向性を示唆。 Fred Wilson はJobsを応援 いろいろな見方があるものだ。いずれにしても、企業のホームページに載るような、内容ではないよな。(競合のMicrosoft のZuneのことにも触れてるし)文章のトーンマナーがブログしてますね。 technorati tags: steve+jobs, iPOD, iTUNES, DRM, jeff+jarvis, blog, appleスティーブ+ジョブズ

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新春ビデオ Lessig video in a Happy New Year mode

Titled “The differences between culture and code” Thanks Joi Ito for pointing me at the inspiring lecture by Lawrence Lessig, who is a law professor at Stanford Law School and the author of best selling book code Now the book

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