Twitter banner ads in JP UI in IE only

Now Twitter comes with the banner ads in the upper right corner when you use IE from Japan IP address (presumably).

twitter banner ad japan ie

This is a great experiment for twitter how the banner ads work. However, I personally don’t like it makes it Japanese UI whenever it finds the user from Japanese IP address (which is quite common practice though). The same exact mistake google makes.

Update: They allow you t0 choose language in the settings.  When you choose English, Japanese UI and banner both disappeared,which is nice.

I looked up Marvin Gaye in

Here is the result.

Pretty nice!, it has the links to YouTube and Flickr as well as Wikipedia.

No entry yet for ? It’s human dependent. Not sure if the entry be made by July 1, Luther’s anniversary.

UPDATE: WOW! It has the Luther’s entry the next day I posted. What a quick response, not sure if they’d read this post. says top 10,000 search by man made content. Note one difference with is that bases its content on “top 10000” search result and hence cares about scalability (how to scale the business), while lets lens master to choose what he or she wants to write about.

I am preprating for Japanize.

Daylife (beta) Japanized

I have somewhat Japanized, which is the newly beta-launched news aggregation site, being led by Jeff Jarvis, among others. My purpose here in Japanizing is simply to show the Japanese audience how it feels, yet I know Japanizing English news aggregation site is of little practical use, since the content is still to come in English. It seems is reported the aggregation is, in part (only “the cover” part), being done by human and, all the rest in part , by machine.

(* note: Japanize (its web site in Japanese) is the tool that enables the websites written in other than Japanese language to dynamically display its user interface in Japanese. You’d need to install the firefox extension in case of FF. It seems now they have tailored for IE, Opera, etc.)


Jeff Jarvis 他が最近リリースしたニュースのアグリゲーションサイト、、 を一部Japanizeしてみました。多少翻訳が変な部分はご容赦ください(雰囲気だけ)。記事を振り分けはトップ記事のみ、(専門のスタッフが担う)、残りは全て機械が自動的に他のニュースサイトおよび自サイトの記事から抽出してくる部分とが混在している模様。

UPdate: Now comes daylife World – Top stories in RSS.

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