wifi in the lobby (or, no one but me is wifiing around here.)

Thanks for NTT docomo mzone so comfortable here. it only costs 350 yen or usd 3 or so a month if you have subscription with docomo mobile. extremely cheap compared to US counterparts – what is it ? T-zone 30 dollars a month?

You’d definitely need shozu which is very powerful in the wifi smartphone environment, would allow you to upload direct from mini sd card which is otherwise impossible without shozu.

BTW, Japan is a wifi paradise, in my opinion, thanks to Son san of softbank who has implemented whatever he believes.

The thing is it is not FON, docomo mzone, softbank mobile, google even, or any other wifi player that has extremely low awareness among conventional people. It is simply WIFI that’s not known until this day to the general public. Docomo mzone, softbank mobille, fon, google even and all the wifi providers should promote WIFI together to increase the awareness and to achieve the critical mass. Or,they all gonna fail.

wifi in the lobby, originally uploaded by kenjimori.

FON APs per million

Thanks to FON User’s blog (in Japanese) for providing the number of FON APs derived from whatever the database, I just coundn’t resist dividing the number of APs by the number of population. That is, FON APs per million, Sweden tops (=288) and Hong Kong follows (202). US is quite low (=10), so is Japan (=23).

FON APs per Million

FON User’s blogにのってました国別集計を各国に人口で割ってみました。人口百万あたりのFON APの数です。スウェーデンが一位(=288),香港が二位(=202)。米国はえらい低く(=10), 日本もかなり低いです(=23)。ガンバラねば。

Note: Also worth noting FON Earth from the same FON user’s blog.
Population statistics per US Bureau of Census.

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