FON APs per million

Thanks to FON User’s blog (in Japanese) for providing the number of FON APs derived from whatever the database, I just coundn’t resist dividing the number of APs by the number of population. That is, FON APs per million, Sweden tops (=288) and Hong Kong follows (202). US is quite low (=10), so is Japan (=23).

FON APs per Million

FON User’s blogにのってました国別集計を各国に人口で割ってみました。人口百万あたりのFON APの数です。スウェーデンが一位(=288),香港が二位(=202)。米国はえらい低く(=10), 日本もかなり低いです(=23)。ガンバラねば。

Note: Also worth noting FON Earth from the same FON user’s blog.
Population statistics per US Bureau of Census.

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