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Steve Jobs の初Blog

米アップルのホームページにSteve Jobs名入りでしゅつげん:「DRMに意味なし」と(No meaning in DRM)。 via Buzzmachine. Update: Dave Winer はPR手法としてさらにつっこんだ見方 Mark Cubanは音楽業界の今後の方向性を示唆。 Fred Wilson はJobsを応援 いろいろな見方があるものだ。いずれにしても、企業のホームページに載るような、内容ではないよな。(競合のMicrosoft のZuneのことにも触れてるし)文章のトーンマナーがブログしてますね。 technorati tags: steve+jobs, iPOD, iTUNES, DRM, jeff+jarvis, blog, appleスティーブ+ジョブズ

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Blogging humanizes product and services

Robert Scoble once humanized Microsoft. Jason Calacanis now humanizes AOL / NetScape. Then, Dell one2one is now trying to humanize Dell, which for once had commoditized and, thereby, de-humanized the entired PC market. I think it is a really big

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The long tail of community

The last year I was diagnosed as Gerd, the name of the disease of course I had never heard of before in my life. It happened to me that disease not a serious one at least at that time and

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How can your organization pay for your blogging?

Did Microsoft own and then now lose   CooperKatz (or now Edelman) owned/owns  Did business 2.0 magazine own GigaOM? Can you imagine without Robert Scoble? without Steve Rubel?  GigaOM without Om Malik?  Of course, not. Blogging is personal as Jeff Jarvis and

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テクノラティのCEOの公表数値によれば、世界中のブログのなかで、もっとも多く使われている言語が何と、わが母国語の日本語だそうです。今年去年から人口が減りはじめた、我が日本ですが、こんなにいたっけなぁ?驚きです。英語の苦手な人でも、グラフだけでもどうぞ。 こちら 🙂 Update: Thanks gashu for pointing out the mistake I’ve made in the link. (inside mixi) Now it is ok.  Here is my favorite entry of his. According to technorati’s CEO, Dave Sifry, Japanese is the largest use

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The way toward my mixi request (a.k.a., maimiku request)

In mixi, people get to know each other gradually. Like any other SNS, in MIXI too, somehow it is important to express the self by uploading photo, decorating profiles, and joining communities, and exchanging messages with the new friends. Ashiato

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寄付 donation イラクのブロガー

An Iraqi blogger, Zeyad, needs a donation to pursue his graduate study at SUNY CUNY school of journalism where Jeff Jarvis teaches the interactive journalism. Well, to be honest, I am not really into journalism or civilization, both of which

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不カンファレンス? (unconference)

I think Dave Winer’s “Unconference” is a brilliant idea. And, just wondered how I can translate it into Japanese. The easiest way is simply put it all phonetically more or less the same, in katakana, i.e.,”アン・カンファレンス(unkanfarensu),” just like Japanese use

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A proposal for MIXI

Since I started reading Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble (not yet finished, because I am very slow), I have been wondering how a blog can be used as a corporate communication tool, especially as a customer contact center. One of

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マーヴィン・ゲイの命日 4月1日(土)

4月1日(土)はマーヴィン・ゲイの命日です。きっとWBLSでも特集をやると思います(いまだにオンラインが故障してますが。。。)去年もやってたのでね。ソウルサーチンの吉岡正晴さんがライブのイベントをやれらるみたいです(@目黒)まだ、チケットがあるのかはわかりません、ぼくは、旅行にいくので行けそうにないのですが、昨日もInter-FMでやってました。 technorati tags: wbls marvin gaye マーヴィン・ゲイ quiet storm 吉岡正晴 inter-FM

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