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While I have not been explicitly conscious about mixiGraph until a few days ago when one of my MAIMIKU, Ben, introduced it in his diary at mixi, I would say mixiGraph is such an amazingly powerful tool. It shows the

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wansegu – ワンセグ

About a week ago I was pondering to switch my keitai (cell phone) to either softbank (new Vodafone Japan, the new brand name yet to be known) or au, sometime this year when the number portability will be around. But,

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不カンファレンス? (unconference)

I think Dave Winer’s “Unconference” is a brilliant idea. And, just wondered how I can translate it into Japanese. The easiest way is simply put it all phonetically more or less the same, in katakana, i.e.,”アン・カンファレンス(unkanfarensu),” just like Japanese use

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A proposal for MIXI

Since I started reading Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble (not yet finished, because I am very slow), I have been wondering how a blog can be used as a corporate communication tool, especially as a customer contact center. One of

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Japan’s NHK blog goes live with its live TV show

The randomness, that sense of never quite knowing who’s going to post when and what, is both the joy of the new site and slightly scary. It’s the lack of control you feel you have at times – and control, I realise, is the one of the hardest things for editors to cede.

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