Content vs Contents (or コンテンツ in Japanese kana)

In Japanese (web) content is often pronounced as if is “contents” if not necessarily Japanese are being aware whether it is singular (“content”) or plural (“contents”). Hence in Japanese we have Contents Management System (at least pronounced as “contents” or in kana コンテンツ) instead of Content Management System and web contents (again, in kana コンテンツ) instead of web content. While not a big deal, though, quite tedious when I have to adjust to say it “contents” (or in コンテンツ) in Japanese and “content” in English. Note the hardest part of it when it is pronouced hence written in kana as コンテント (pronouced “content), it does not make any sense in Japanese language.

Update: Kosuk points me at an even more fine one in Japanese.