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washlet online ad

Washlet is quite common in Japan, and accoding wikipedia jp, washlet type cleaning toilet has 60% penetration in all Japan households. Today I happened to find their online ad in popular weblog buzzmachine, where TOTO, the manufacturer of washlet, seems

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design for eco

Every time my family buys one of those powder detergents, which is quite popular in Japan, it comes with built-in spoon, which helps gauge the amount of power you need for a given size of water. Producing another new spoon

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the reading (& watching & listening) list for music industry

In “How Napster changed the world,” Don Dodge notes “Pioneers are usually unsuccessful“. I think there is some truth in considering iTUNES and iPOD rather followers than pioneers. Reference: Apple’s strategy a familiar tune. Matthew Yi, SF chronicle, August 16,

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how the word-of-mouth catches up

Obviously Softbank mobile X01 HT is backed up by mass advertising (I mean, indirectly), while mylo and fon not backed up by mass advertising. H01 curve is steep, others’ more slow and gradual in mixi community size comparison. But hey

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is the new way of launching?

Netscape by Jason Calacanis, the media coverage increases as it approaches to the launch time. update: I haven’t used DIGG at least consciously in the past and so I have no idea if they are copying DIGG.  But it seems like

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New taste

What’s new in academic research is new because it is different from the past research in approach and methodology but NOT in taste. No matter how different a given thesis tastes from the past ones it is immediately rejected unless

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A proposal for MIXI

Since I started reading Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble (not yet finished, because I am very slow), I have been wondering how a blog can be used as a corporate communication tool, especially as a customer contact center. One of

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Cell phone pricing in Japan

When it comes to buying the new cell phone model here in Japan, I always got frustrated at their pricing scheme something like: 24,000yen($200) if you are changing from the existing model with the same number within the same carrier

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First move advantage

Sony was ahead of (*) iPOD in music download business, but iPOD won. Why? Because,..  *Sony’s music download called MAGIQLIP is said to be in operation in 2002(in Japanese), while Apple iTUNES released in 2003. Technorati tags:Seth Godin iPOD first

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Seth at Google in Google Video (Free, 48min)

Seth Godin’s lecture at Google is now available for free at the google video. Very impressive. セス・ゴーディンがグーグルでのレクチャをビデオ公開。必見です。英語の練習にもどうぞ(無料です)。 technorati tags: seth godin セス・ゴーディン squidoo google video

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