Open is the new proprietary

In the “Open is the new proprietary” world, the winners like Google try to be open and the losers like docomo try to be proprietary in the same exact deal.  The important lessen to be learned here is that it’s “open is the proprietary” but not that “the proprietary is proprietary.”  The proprietary is dead.

Find folks via gmail being disabled, tentatively or what?

I have found “find folks via gmail” feature in twitter, linkedin, facebook, and plaxo quite powerful and, as Fred Wilson described, inherent in social networking.  To me, the situation is, in a way, the gmail database being utilized (exploited?)by other platforms especially facebook, which is a threat and do not nesecacrily benefit to Google.

Yet it is a trurism that gmail in particular and email address in general is the engine of social networking platform. It might not be a win-win situation for Google and other platforms.

A few days ago, I just realized this feature is disabled in all the platforms I use and, according to twitter, due to a change in gmail contact system.


Google MyMap de Ramen Jiro

ramen jiro in the summer

Someone has just visited my page at Mixi. who seems to have developed the site (Google Map de Ramen Jiro)

Ramen Jiro was (and still is) quite popular at Mita campus, Keio University. It is a kind of ramen, yet quite different from the normal one, the detail’s here.
And here is an excellent podcasting in mp3 by the guy named Andy Raskin, who also recommends to order “sho” (small). My order, too, was “sho” or “小” in kanji (small sized, not really small it is quite big) + “Buta” (pork, again means more pork, in fact I regret it was too much) + “Yasai” (vegetable, mostly cabbage and moyashi=beansprout, they are always good). My advice : don’t order anything other than “tadano ramen” (normal ramen), especially if you are over 40.

If there were any reasons for me to go to Mita campus except taking exams (I rarely attended classes) back when I was a student there 20+ years ago, it was only Jiro Ramen or 二郎ラーメン. And my GPA was a history low of the University, but that is another story.

Incidentally my office is quite near; so I visited Jiro to Google My Map below. By the way, Google’s new MyMap is quite nice, as you might agree. Yet it would be much nicer if I can embed that map in the blog post, like I embed YouTube video.

Update: Here is Ramen Jiro community inside facebook.

Update2: google map now allows embedding the map (below).

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