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Another disruptive innovation by Softbank ?

Softbank Japan audaciously proclaims, in its advertising I spotted at the station: in Japanese, the body copy, ”ケータイが凄いことになりそうです。” that more or less in English meaning (ok, its my take) :”mobile” is going to be disruptive on Oct 1. Given the

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Number Portability on October 24

According to CNET Japan, Japan’s three major mobile carriers, notably, Docomo, AU KDD, and YAHOO have agreed that Number Portability to be effective on October 24, while the details especially the fee asoociated with changing the carrier for the same

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docomo i-mode user interface

By far the most terrible user interface I’ve experienced in my entire life. Cost me about 20 steps only to change the mobile package plan online (what they call “i-mode”). This terrible UI has been around for years; still docomo

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wansegu – ワンセグ

About a week ago I was pondering to switch my keitai (cell phone) to either softbank (new Vodafone Japan, the new brand name yet to be known) or au, sometime this year when the number portability will be around. But,

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Cell phone pricing in Japan

When it comes to buying the new cell phone model here in Japan, I always got frustrated at their pricing scheme something like: 24,000yen($200) if you are changing from the existing model with the same number within the same carrier

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