A blog is a home

to be sure, blog is personal as advocated by many such as dave winer. so i used to think Blog=Person. The notion of “home” and “away” applies here. On the other hand, the emerging messaging tools such as Twitter and Tumblr are making that notion irrelevant, where there is essentially no “home” or “away.” Thats why tumblr not having “comment” feature.

The definition of “new” (now) is being changed by twitter

With increased update cycle, blog posts once changed the definition of “new”(or “now”) that we had used to with the traditional media, broadcast or print. I think now is the time to re-define “new” (or “now”) again with twitter, which allows only 140 characters per twit(ter)  but with an amazingly higher update cycle than any other existing publishing tool. Wonder if Google or Technorati is going to capture this whole data set (say, every 5 minutes? And wonder if it is any meaningful at all?).

Being spontaneous, I bet, the quality of each twit(ter)  is so low. Yet I think we should embrace that spontaneity at the cost of quality, just like we did so with blog posts to traditional media. Besides, I have the feeling we have so many blogs posts that are essentially redundant including mine; we should often be able to boil down what we are going to blog post to a twit(ter) of less than 140 characters.

Obviously it is about the trade-off between Spontaneity and Time-To-Edit (hence, Cost of editorial).


definition of

Amazingly enough I searched “twitter search” and found, among many, this thing called twittersearch. WOW, Really amazing!

Update: Incidentally, thanks asyuu for pointing me at mybloglog blog; mybloglog is now being integrated with twitter account but so far I can not figure out how. I did myself somewhat similar a couple days ago instead by placing my mybloglog URL in twitter homepage section and my twitter URL in mybloglog homepage section in the hope of visitors being cross-referenced.

Update2: Just found the blog post by Andrew Parker where he believes many blog posts can be a twitter post less than 140 characters. I totally agree.

Steve Jobs の初Blog

米アップルのホームページにSteve Jobs名入りでしゅつげん:「DRMに意味なし」と(No meaning in DRM)。 via Buzzmachine.

Dave Winer はPR手法としてさらにつっこんだ見方
Mark Cubanは音楽業界の今後の方向性を示唆。
Fred Wilson はJobsを応援

いろいろな見方があるものだ。いずれにしても、企業のホームページに載るような、内容ではないよな。(競合のMicrosoft のZuneのことにも触れてるし)文章のトーンマナーがブログしてますね。

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“Everything is miscellaneous” 「全てがその他」 - Weinberger

Jeff Jarvis interviews Weinberger, whose new book titled “Everything is miscellaneous ” is soon to be published.

I think the folksonomy provides the new perspective for marketers alike on what consumers think about something. In the old days of marketing, we used to assess this kind of information via marketing survey where open-end questions are asked and answers are summarized by a coder who specifically assigns particular phrase or word for each group of similar answers (that assignment obviously biased by a coder) . But now, as I see, it is done by users instead of coders, in a way automated by the technology called tagging.

The book sounds interesting and so I’ve just reserved the book at amazon.co.jp アマゾンジャパン:

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Update: Presumably on the same day, Jeff Jarvis and Weinberger on the same panel (“Can Brands Get Away with “Buzz Marketing” in the Blogosphere “) at AO Media NYC.

FON Japan, La Fonera to sell online JPY 0 yen, starting Dec 5, 5 Days campaign

Update: It seems you’d need to register for La Fonera and log in at http://fon.com and follow the “Japanese (日本語)” link to access that content.

fonjpshop zero yen campain five days dec 5

FON Japan has is openning up its online shop and starteding “zero” yen campaign of La Fonera (http://jp.fon.com) starting Today from Dec 5 until Dec 9. (It is actually more than five days?) It is real 0 yen, except for delivery cost. Anyway, conglatulations! here is fon community I host inside mixi ミクシィのFONコミュ.
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More on FON la fonera launch party.

Steve Rubel of micropersuasion

Steve Rubel of micropersuasion admits that he has lost his edge in his popular blog miropersuasion since he joined a big firm. Interesting to note is that his blog micropersuasion itself is supposed to be more of his personal possession that is why he took its brand (name and URL) with him when he left the previous company. However, I suspect the blogging has become so embedded into his professional life that now he acknowledges the influence by his employer, who is even more bigger and prestigious than his previous. It suggests that when you blog revealing your profession in public and blog related to your profession, you are more or less on behalf of your employer. It is quite understanable; and I’d sympathize with him.

Probably we will be seeing more and more blurring boundaries between corporate and individuals, if blogging were to be a part of economic activities.

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Yukan Fuji (夕刊フジ) blog

Yukan Fuji, a popular Japanese evening print newspaper targeted at males of 30’s – 50’s, has its own blog: Yukan Fuji Blog or 夕刊フジBLOG. Attracting new readers by having the well positioned links (upper left corner) in the default google.co.jp’s personalized homepage:


While Yukan Fuji is a member of Fujisankei Communications Group, one of the most prestigious and traditional media conglomerates in Japan, what I like about this blog is that it is amazingly open and transparent, allowing both comments and trackbacks to the public.(not sure if they’d moderate comments and trackbacks). Anyway, as it proclaims, it is the first media in Japan (I think they mean among “old” media) to have its official blog.

UPDATE: In its follow up, Yukan Fuji acknowledges that blogging would complement the timeliness of reporting, which print newspaper falls short of. But hey, it is not only timeliness but also a variety of media format the print media can provide and in the age of exploding YouTube, Yukan Fuji blog definitely needs: video. No?

Blogging humanizes product and services

Robert Scoble once humanized Microsoft. Jason Calacanis now humanizes AOL / NetScape. Then, Dell one2one is now trying to humanize Dell, which for once had commoditized and, thereby, de-humanized the entired PC market. I think it is a really big challenge.

 Update: B.L.Ochman blogs about her own dell experience with a unique Kikazaru photo of the three wise monkeys.