Steve Jobs の初Blog

米アップルのホームページにSteve Jobs名入りでしゅつげん:「DRMに意味なし」と(No meaning in DRM)。 via Buzzmachine.

Dave Winer はPR手法としてさらにつっこんだ見方
Mark Cubanは音楽業界の今後の方向性を示唆。
Fred Wilson はJobsを応援

いろいろな見方があるものだ。いずれにしても、企業のホームページに載るような、内容ではないよな。(競合のMicrosoft のZuneのことにも触れてるし)文章のトーンマナーがブログしてますね。

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“Everything is miscellaneous” 「全てがその他」 - Weinberger

Jeff Jarvis interviews Weinberger, whose new book titled “Everything is miscellaneous ” is soon to be published.

I think the folksonomy provides the new perspective for marketers alike on what consumers think about something. In the old days of marketing, we used to assess this kind of information via marketing survey where open-end questions are asked and answers are summarized by a coder who specifically assigns particular phrase or word for each group of similar answers (that assignment obviously biased by a coder) . But now, as I see, it is done by users instead of coders, in a way automated by the technology called tagging.

The book sounds interesting and so I’ve just reserved the book at アマゾンジャパン:

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Update: Presumably on the same day, Jeff Jarvis and Weinberger on the same panel (“Can Brands Get Away with “Buzz Marketing” in the Blogosphere “) at AO Media NYC.

Daylife (beta) Japanized

I have somewhat Japanized, which is the newly beta-launched news aggregation site, being led by Jeff Jarvis, among others. My purpose here in Japanizing is simply to show the Japanese audience how it feels, yet I know Japanizing English news aggregation site is of little practical use, since the content is still to come in English. It seems is reported the aggregation is, in part (only “the cover” part), being done by human and, all the rest in part , by machine.

(* note: Japanize (its web site in Japanese) is the tool that enables the websites written in other than Japanese language to dynamically display its user interface in Japanese. You’d need to install the firefox extension in case of FF. It seems now they have tailored for IE, Opera, etc.)


Jeff Jarvis 他が最近リリースしたニュースのアグリゲーションサイト、、 を一部Japanizeしてみました。多少翻訳が変な部分はご容赦ください(雰囲気だけ)。記事を振り分けはトップ記事のみ、(専門のスタッフが担う)、残りは全て機械が自動的に他のニュースサイトおよび自サイトの記事から抽出してくる部分とが混在している模様。

UPdate: Now comes daylife World – Top stories in RSS.

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The bottom page

It might not be Yahoo alone, but most of us have long been accustomed to organizing information in a hierarchical manner, breaking the whole into pieces or parts by directory, so that we are comfortable calling the starting page “the top page.” toppage

It is time to think in the opposite. Why not call it “the bottom page,” from which we initiate queries and update our boundaries as we move up along the way.



reminded me of my favorite quote by Kevin Kelly, which Tom Peters often uses in his presentation slide  (see p19):

The wealth in not gained by perfecting the known, but rather imperfectly seizing the unknown

Broadcast as video

If “broadcast as video” is the new direction the ad agency-TV industry will pursue as Jeff Jarvis notes in the comment section of a vc’s post “Umair, Jarvis, Disney, and Me“, of Japan is probably more or less in the same spirits yet coming from another direction. Originally sprang from USEN (wikipedia in Japanese), one of Japan’s media contents players but obviously not in the TV networks industry, proclaims that it now has registered viewers of more than 8 million (the size equivalent of 80% of Japan’s largest Yomiuri newspaper subscription). The program is offered all free of charge.

Not sure if they have originally come up with the video with non-skippable ad format, which is reportedly the method Disney will deploy the next month, or stolen it from somewhere else. Yesterday, I first tried and found the program quite impressive. Especially “Kume Hiroshi’s car touch,” the car review program by Japan’s long-time TV journalist, Hiroshi Kume (wikipedia only in Japanese), who acknowledged in the campain video that he likes more freedom in editting than he can with traditional network TV.

CAUTION: If you’d try out, make sure you use IE, but not Firefox, with which I had the problem. Not sure if it works fine with MAC.

It’s interesting to note, on the other hand, Yahoo Japan (strongly backed up by Softbank) was leading the internet video streaming free of charge still in the old format (contents only ). Worth keeping an eye on them.

ビ デオとしての放送、米国でディズニーが無料放送をインターネット配信するというニュースが流れた後、いろいろが議論が起こっている。そのなかでおもしろ かったのは、おなじみのJeff Jarvis、米国の広告代理店の動きとしては、「ビデオも放送である」という捕らえ方を模索しているらしい、そこに広告収入を求めていこうという動きが ある。日本でいえば、民放とはかなり毛色が違うが、gyaoが同じフォーマットでインターネットTV放送を開始していて、すでに800万人の登録会員がい るという。久米宏のカーウォッチという番組がおもしろそうだった。今後が楽しみな分野である。

寄付 donation イラクのブロガー

An Iraqi blogger, Zeyad, needs a donation to pursue his graduate study at SUNY CUNY school of journalism where Jeff Jarvis teaches the interactive journalism. Well, to be honest, I am not really into journalism or civilization, both of which sound quite foreign to me, but somehow I just feel like donating some amount. I don’t know why I feel like it. Maybe because I recognize that I, as a Japanese, am too lucky to have grown up and lived in such a modern, peaceful environment. Anyway, this sounds like very important.