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Steve Jobs の初Blog

米アップルのホームページにSteve Jobs名入りでしゅつげん:「DRMに意味なし」と(No meaning in DRM)。 via Buzzmachine. Update: Dave Winer はPR手法としてさらにつっこんだ見方 Mark Cubanは音楽業界の今後の方向性を示唆。 Fred Wilson はJobsを応援 いろいろな見方があるものだ。いずれにしても、企業のホームページに載るような、内容ではないよな。(競合のMicrosoft のZuneのことにも触れてるし)文章のトーンマナーがブログしてますね。 technorati tags: steve+jobs, iPOD, iTUNES, DRM, jeff+jarvis, blog, appleスティーブ+ジョブズ

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“Everything is miscellaneous” 「全てがその他」 - Weinberger

Jeff Jarvis interviews Weinberger, whose new book titled “Everything is miscellaneous ” is soon to be published. I think the folksonomy provides the new perspective for marketers alike on what consumers think about something. In the old days of marketing,

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Daylife (beta) Japanized

I have somewhat Japanized, which is the newly beta-launched news aggregation site, being led by Jeff Jarvis, among others. My purpose here in Japanizing is simply to show the Japanese audience how it feels, yet I know Japanizing English

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米大統領選挙出馬表明したエドワーズ(Edwards)候補が、YouTubeでCampaignを展開している模倣。また、同じくBloggerのRobert Scobleも同行するとか?Source: Buzzmachine

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Amanda interviews Jeff Jarvis

A popular video blogger, Amanda, interviews, my hero, Jeff Jarvis in her new Amanda Across America ; as we all know the video conveys more than voice alone (podcast) and even more than text blogging. Yet the video blog is

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A live lesson on corporate blogging by Jeff Jarvis

It’s real-time.

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The bottom page

It might not be Yahoo alone, but most of us have long been accustomed to organizing information in a hierarchical manner, breaking the whole into pieces or parts by directory, so that we are comfortable calling the starting page “the

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Broadcast as video

If “broadcast as video” is the new direction the ad agency-TV industry will pursue as Jeff Jarvis notes in the comment section of a vc’s post “Umair, Jarvis, Disney, and Me“, of Japan is probably more or less in

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寄付 donation イラクのブロガー

An Iraqi blogger, Zeyad, needs a donation to pursue his graduate study at SUNY CUNY school of journalism where Jeff Jarvis teaches the interactive journalism. Well, to be honest, I am not really into journalism or civilization, both of which

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