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Gyao misses out on the power of communites

CNET Japan reports (in Japanese) YouTube viewers reached 4,100,000 /month, overtaking Gyao, which is at 3,800,000/month.  Gyao, as I wrote before, obviously imprisoned to the directory type user interface, one-way streaming video on demand from the top/center and misses out on the power of communities.   

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What gyao doesn’t get is one of Japan fastest growing free of charge video streaming services, with a registered membership of 9.6 million+. Despite its self-proclaimed success, it, too, has the typical “directory” type user interface, akin to Yahoo’s. Might be comfortable to

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Playing with Alexa

I know it is NOT a fair comparison, but just for fun: I know it is A fair comparison, again just for fun: self-explanetory..

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Broadcast as video

If “broadcast as video” is the new direction the ad agency-TV industry will pursue as Jeff Jarvis notes in the comment section of a vc’s post “Umair, Jarvis, Disney, and Me“, of Japan is probably more or less in

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