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In “How Napster changed the world,” Don Dodge notes “Pioneers are usually unsuccessful“. I think there is some truth in considering iTUNES and iPOD rather followers than pioneers. Reference: Apple’s strategy a familiar tune. Matthew Yi, SF chronicle, August 16, 2004

The concept: the whole entire music library FITS IN YOUR POCKET. Steve Jobs seems to intend to be a market leader when he knew there was no market leader.

Sales of Music, Long in decline, Plunge sharply, originally WSJ

Music in an abundance economy, the long tail , as well as “Give away the music, sell the show.”

The New Economics of Music: File Sharing and Double Moral Hazard / Umair Haque

digital music section, shark jumping

is music dead?

Looking beyond iPhones / David Kirkpatrick

Don Dodge makes an analogy between the habits of a mouse to that of the music industry .

David Kirkpatrick of Fortune notes in “How Viacom could really protect its content“:

Some people, in the end, did stop downloading free music, but it wasn’t because of the record company lawsuits, for the most part. It was because Apple created a convenient and affordable way to get music legally, called iTunes.

Mark Cuban says CD is dead.

EMI and Apple say no DRM for you. The step is being made almost 60 days after Steve Jobs post his thoughts on music.

Yahoo’s new media device, reported by Arrington, somewhat similar what Rojas, Winer, and, Calacanis talking about a few months ago.


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